About Mental Health Guru

Mental Health Guru (MH-Guru) is an online employee induction program which aims to increase mental health literacy, decrease stigma, and promote help-seeking for depression and anxiety.

MH-Guru is designed for use by all employees within an organisation

By completing the brief MH-Guru modules, your staff will learn how to recognise the symptoms of depression and anxiety, how these problems can be treated, different ways to get help, and how mental health problems can be managed within the workplace (including legal obligations of supervisors and managers).

A key feature of the program is the destigmatisation of mental health problems through the interactive ‘busting’ of common myths and through videos featuring individuals’ experiences of coping with depression or anxiety in the workplace.

By subscribing to MH-Guru, your organisation can support the mental health and well-being of employees and contribute to a workplace without stigma where mental health problems are managed appropriately.

For further information about the MH-Guru program, including licensing and pricing information, please email us at enquiries@mhguru.com.au.

For user support, please email us at support@mhguru.com.au.

Who is behind MH-Guru?

The Australian National University logo

MH-Guru was originally developed and evaluated over four years by researchers at the Australian National University. The research and development team was led by Professor Kathy Griffiths, an internationally recognised leader in e-mental health and stigma research.

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The development and delivery of MH-Guru is now undertaken by e-hub Health – an ANU spin-off company managed by the senior members of the original team. e-hub Health is committed to the ongoing development of quality resources which make a measurable impact in the wellbeing of users. e-hub Health is part of the Dialogue group of companies.

MH-Guru was created with one-off funding from the Australian Department of Health. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the ANU and the ACT Government through the Discovery Translation Fund.